Welcome to ParentPlan

Modern family life is demanding. It can be an endless juggling of appointments and activities and important dates to keep everyone happy.

As parents, we understand the need to simplify the family diary and bring back some control to your life.

So we've come up with the updated, 21st Century version of the whiteboard planner on the fridge. It's the clever, technological version.

ParentPlan is a secure online/cloud-based planner and multi-media storage system, that helps families stay organised at the touch of a button.

Wherever you are, ParentPlan helps you keep track of all your children’s daily activities and plans, securely store important contacts, documents and media and share them with selected key family members. Important school dates, after-school activities, play dates, homework deadlines, birthday parties, sports fixtures, medical appointments and holiday plans – the list is endless.

ParentPlan has been designed by parents, for parents.

How does it work?

As parents, you can give selected access to your ParentPlan group to other key people in your children’s lives such as other carers or grandparents. You can easily control the extent to which they can view, edit or upload information, documents and media by reference to each specific child within your ParentPlan group.

ParentPlan is straightforward to use and simple to get started.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Complete the short registration form.
  2. Select the best membership plan for your family’s needs.
  3. Add your children and anyone you would like to have the benefit of your ParentPlan membership.

Update and change your details at any time or add children and invite other members to join your ParentPlan group.


ParentPlan is free to all new members to use until 1 June 2016.

Sign up today.

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