About ParentPlan

ParentPlan has been created by parents for parents, to help you keep up with your children’s busy lives.

Never forget another important event. Save and store all those special family photos and videos. Store contact details for everyone who is important in your children’s lives in one single place.

As parents, you can give selective access to ParentPlan to other key people who help care for your children such as grandparents and childcarers.

For parents who don’t live together, ParentPlan can help provide an effective way to organise and communicate in relation to the practical arrangements for your children.

ParentPlan is straightforward to use. To register your family, enter your details and we will send an email to the other parent to get started. 

ParentPlan offers a range of functions to help you organise your children’s busy lives at the touch of a button.

With ParentPlan you can:

  • Keep all the upcoming events in your children’s lives in one calendar
  • Share events with your ParentPlan Group
  • Store all important documents in one place – school reports, medical notes, holiday documents
  • Keep the details of all key contacts relating to your children in a secure location 
  • Use the Pinboard feature to give both parents helpful reminders
  • Safely store and share family photos and videos
  • Keep up to date with the latest family related news and offers

ParentPlan provides a shared platform which can only be accessed by other members of your ParentPlan group. 

You decide who has access. The information stays private and cannot be viewed by anyone outside of your ParentPlan group.

ParentPlan can be accessed through your computer or your mobile telephone/tablet.

So wherever you are you can stay up to date with what is happening.


ParentPlan is free to all new members to use until 1 June 2016.

Sign up today.