Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some of the most common questions we are asked.

If your question can't be found below please feel free to email your question to us at:

Who can use ParentPlan?

ParentPlan can be used by all parents whether they live together or apart.

ParentPlan members may also add other adults such as grandparents or other family members to their ParentPlan group and enable those individuals to have varying degrees of access to the services offered by ParentPlan.

How much does ParentPlan cost?

ParentPlan has a range of membership options to meet your needs. Your membership can be instantly upgraded at any time.

Membership Options:

  1. Single User Membership: £2.50 per month or £25.00 per annum
  2. Family Membership: Up to 2 members £3.98 per month or £39.80 per annum
  3. Extended Family Membership: Unlimited members £5.98 per month or £59.80 per annum

ParentPlan also offers corporate membership for individuals and organisations who assist parents, such as mediators, family lawyers, family therapists. To find out more about our corporate options please email us at

How can I be sure it is secure?

ParentPlan is a secure website meaning all your information is protected.

Your own ParentPlan account is password protected and none of the content associated to that account can be shared with anyone without your say so.

ParentPlan is hosted by one of the UK's leading Internet Service providers (UKFastNet) on secure servers. For more information click here

How do I add more users?

You can invite other adults such as nannies, grandparents or other close family members to have membership of your ParentPlan group.

To add them you simply complete a short form and ParentPlan will send them an invite to join you.

The number of users you can add will vary based on your selected membership. Please see the question How much does ParentPlan cost? above.

Can I pay annually?

ParentPlan membership can be paid by monthly subscription or by way of a reduced annual subscription. Please see the question How much does ParentPlan cost? above.

Can I download photos/videos/recordings which have been uploaded onto ParentPlan?

ParentPlan allows you to download local copies of any content that you have access to within your ParentPlan membership.

Can I remove an existing member of my ParentPlan group?

As an account owner you have the ability to add or remove members of your ParentPlan group.

Can divorced, separated or single parents use ParentPlan?

Yes – ParentPlan has been designed for parents, by parents. ParentPlan is a personalised and secure portal. It helps busy parents, whether they live together or apart, manage the day-to-day arrangements for their children.

I live outside the UK – can I use ParentPlan?

Yes – there are no geographical limitations on who may become members of ParentPlan. We will be rolling out specialist sites for America and European countries in the near future. But for now you can use this version of ParentPlan wherever you are.

Can I control what other users in my ParentPlan subscription can do?

Yes – As an account owner you can add members who are able to contribute or view content. It is up to you who you give access to and the extent to which they can contribute to or view content.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We think that ParentPlan will really benefit you and your family. But if you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription. You can cancel your ParentPlan account at anytime.

Our cancellation policy can be found here.

What sort of media files can I upload onto ParentPlan?

ParentPlan will allow you to upload all common image and video formats.

If an uploaded video is not suitable for streaming then ParentPlan will automatically convert it for you.

I’ve a technical query, how do I contact ParentPlan?

We hope that you will find ParentPlan easy to use and that you will not experience any problems using our product. If however you have any technical queries please email your name and telephone number and details of your query to and one of our representatives will get back to you.

I’ve uploaded the wrong document, how do I remove it?

You have the right to remove content you upload onto ParentPlan. This will mean that other members of your ParentPlan group will not be able to view that content.

To do this simply select the "delete" button. If you did not upload the content you cannot delete it but you are able to "hide" it from your subscription by clicking "hide" on the content if you feel that it is not relevant to you.

You also have the ability to view any items you have hidden and these can be unhidden at anytime by clicking "unhide".

How many users can be on one subscription?

This depends on the subscription you have taken out, please see the question How much does ParentPlan cost? above.

How can I add ParentPlan to my phone or tablet’s home screen?

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Tap the share button in your browser’s toolbar and then select "Add to Home Screen". Once you’ve entered a name for your shortcut, it will be added to your home screen.

Android (Chrome)

Tap the menu button at the top of your browser and then select "Add to homescreen". Once you’ve entered a name for your shortcut, it will be added to your home screen.

Android (Firefox)

Tap the menu button at the top of your browser, then "Page" and then select "Add to Home Screen".