Every now and then an idea comes along which is so simple and so clever you are left wondering why it has not been thought of before. Poor communication between family members is one of the primary causes of and first casualties of family breakdown. And often it is communication over detailed arrangements which ignites a bigger conflagration. So here we have a virtual family noticeboard to which every significant adult in a child's life can subscribe. The capacity to remove some of the endless irritation inherent in family plans is thus hugely increased.

In the age of social media this product has the potential to really provide practical help to separating couples (and indeed all busy parents caught up in the maelstrom of modern life). This electronic toolkit is invaluable.

Congratulations. Brilliant idea. As they once said about "At a Glance" no family practitioner (or mediator) should be without it.

Sir Paul Coleridge High Court Judge Family Division 2000-2014, Chairman of Marriage Foundation.

ParentPlan will help parents to focus on the things that matter and not fall out about the things that don’t. It will help communication and save parents time and money.

Catherine Wood QC

ParentPlan is a valuable tool to help parents communicate and stay organised. I won't hesitate to recommend ParentPlan to my clients.

Alex Verdan QC Head of Chambers, 4 Paper Buildings

A much needed resource to take the pressure off parents struggling to coordinate their busy lives with a comprehensive, easily accessible website. ParentPlan will be an invaluable platform for communication for parents to ensure that the best interests of their children are put first.

Charlotte Adler Partner, Adler Fitzpatrick Solicitors

We often tell our clients that they need to be able to communicate more effectively with their co-parent but we now have a tool to help them to do so. ParentPlan allows parents to communicate in a focused and constructive way, whether it be co-ordinating diaries, passing on significant parental responsibility information or exchanging photos or videos of their child. I would encourage all my clients to sign up to ParentPlan.

Georgina Cole Barrister, 1 Garden Court Chambers

ParentPlan is a great idea. It is a much needed resource for parents. I am sure it will become an invaluable tool for parents who may be facing problems with communication with their ex partner/spouse. It will help organise and simplify management of the children's lives which I am sure will provide a more positive experience for the separated family as a whole. I will would not hesitate to recommend this website service to my clients.

Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultant, Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy

ParentPlan is a welcome resource to assist separating parents in communicating efficiently and co-operatively as to day-to-day arrangements for their children. I believe it will become a particularly valuable resource for parents who may be experiencing difficulties in discussing such arrangements directly with each other. I will be highly recommending ParentPlan to my clients.

Alison Schmidt Solicitor, Lake Legal LLP

Often the most challenging element for separated parents, caught up in their own conflict but still co-parenting, is the way in which they communicate. This can be fraught with emotion and difficulty, which their children then become caught up in. ParentPlan is a much needed resource that will help parents communicate effectively. I would definitely recommend it to parents that I work with.

Helena Ware Independent Social Worker